Heliocare Ultra Capsules


Oral sun protection to prevent & repair.

All Skin Types


Heliocare Ultra Capsules contain high levels of Fernblock®, a natural plant extract from Polypodium Leucotomos, a tropical Central American fern with clinically-proven UV protection capabilities.

Boosted by potent antioxidants Vitamin C & E. these capsules should always be used in conjunction with a high protection factor sunscreen to help protect the skin from sun exposure, skin ageing, hyperpigmentation and DNA damage. Ideal conditions for use: People with sun sensitive skins. Those seeking more sun protection if outdoors for prolonged periods: sportsmen/women, outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor occupation. Post chemical peels or laser treatment. People with skin conditions requiring UVA or UVB radiation e.g.: psoriasis, porphyria Medications that increase a person’s sensitivity to the sun. People who are prone to skin cancer.

Dr Webster’s Recommendation: Heliocare Ultra Capsules are used as a daily supplement to provide added protection and it is important to use them together with your daily sunscreen – the capsules do not replace your sunscreen. Used in conjunction with one another they provide comprehensive sun protection.

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