How does hyper pigmentation occur?

Sun spots, freckles, age spots, and skin hyper pigmentation occur when melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color, collects in one area. The distribution of melanin loses effectiveness as we age, leading to the risk for more age and sun spots. Melasma is a unique skin problem that results in dark, wide patches of facial discoloration. All of these skin conditions have a wide variety of causes, ranging from sun exposure, hormones, genetics, and age to inflammation or injuries. Luckily, one system can reverse all types of pigmented lesions.

The Harmony XL Pro Dye-VL hand-piece and Clearlift Laser specifically target melanin collection spots under the surface with a narrow band spectrum of light energy. This incredibly narrow wave band is uniform and consistent with specialized light pulses for unparalleled accuracy. Plus, the narrow band eliminates the wavelengths that have adverse effects on skin, so it’s completely safe for all skin types and it works on sensitive skin areas, including the body, face, and neck. With a hand-piece instrument, the laser technician has total control over the treatment outcome with additional specialized treatment options to optimize results.

How does the Harmony laser treatment work?

During the treatment, the top layer of the skin is left completely intact and no tissue is destroyed in the process. As the melanin absorbs the energy, the pigmentation is cleared so that you’re left with an even, uniform skin tone.
Everyone can benefit from this effective treatment, including patients of darker skin color. Unlike other photo-rejuvenation laser treatments, you don’t have to wait until pale winter months to schedule an appointment. Stop in for a 30-minute age spot removal procedure any time of year with no pain, downtime, or numbing required.
Dark spots and hyper pigmentation will get darker initially for up to 7 days and then they will lighten up or vanish altogether. The laser boosts the skin’s natural healing process while improving collagen production with fast, long-lasting results. It only takes 3-4 sessions, approximately a month apart, to reclaim your youth with smooth, spotless skin.

Melasma Treatment before and after photos

Melasma Melasma
Melasma Melasma
Melasma Melasma
Melasma Melasma

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