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The Mela Vita Peel

Struggling with hyperpigmentation? You’ll want to know about Lamelle Research Laboratories’ newest pioneering hyperpigmentation solution – the Mela-Vita Peel. It’s a powerful 5-part treatment that starts in the hands of a skincare professional and continues in your own home via an innovative homecare kit. Better yet, it can successfully treat skin of all colors and every type of pigmentation including the post-inflammatory kind and melasma which is driven by your hormones.

Your Mela-Vita Peel journey starts in the chair of a highly experienced Lamelle skincare professional who’ll analyze your skin and ensure you’re a good candidate. (Things that might exclude you include inflammatory rosacea, dermatitis, or pregnancy.) You should also be at least one week in the clear of having undergone skin-sensitizing procedures such as electrolysis, waxing, or laser hair removal. Lastly, three days prior to starting the program, you should avoid using skin sensitizing products such as retinol and exfoliating acids to avoid experiencing a stronger reaction to the peel.

Let’s prep and peel!

The first step of the Mela-Vita Peel begins with the application of a Skin Prep Solution. Next, the peel is applied to your skin for up to 8 minutes, depending on your skin type. It contains an innovative combination of acids (salicylic, azelaic, ferulic, and citric) as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric and licorice extracts. Together, they’ll enhance each other’s effects to create a potent peel capable of dramatic results.

As the peel doesn’t have to be neutralized, it won’t be removed from your skin. Instead, your skincare professional will apply half a bottle of Mela-Vita Gel Mask, a bright yellow gel containing yet more potent pigmentation-fighters such as retinol and niacinamide. The rest of the bottle will be popped into your homecare kit as you’re to re-apply it at home – right on top of the first layer – after 4 hours. Your homecare kit will also include Lamelle Restorative Balm, Recovery Serum 1 and Recovery Serum 2.)

Once 6 to 8 hours have passed (the time period will depend on your skin type), you can gently wash off the gel mask. You’re then to use a mixture of Lamelle Restorative Balm and Recovery Serum 2 three times a day for the first five days. These are the only products you’re to use, aside from a very gentle cleanser such as Lamelle Serra Cleansing Gel, specially formulated for sensitive and sensitised skin.

You’re not likely to experience any redness following a Mela-Vita Peel but you will flake or peel and the bulk of this will occur during day 3 to 5 following the in-salon treatment.

After day 5

From day five onwards, you’ll stop using the Restorative Balm and introduce another product into your routine – Recovery Serum 1. You’re to mix it with Recovery serum 2 and apply it twice a day (although three times a day would be ideal) until both bottles are empty – usually about a month after the peel. From day seven onwards you can reintroduce your regular skincare products, provided you layer them on top of the mixture (Recovery Serum 1 and 2).

What’s in the mix? Both Recovery Serum 1 and 2 contain cutting-edge active ingredients proven to inhibit the biochemical pathways that lead to hyperpigmentation, suppress inflammation, fend off the free radicals that aggravate melasma, encourage exfoliation and boost hydration.

Good news! Your regular skin care products can include those that contain exfoliating ingredients such as retinol and alpha hydroxy acids but just go slowly to assess your tolerance. You’ll also want to avoid direct sunlight for a week after the peel and ensure your daily skincare routine includes wearing a high protection factor sunscreen. The ideal would be Lamelle Helase 50+ as it protects you from the entire spectrum of damaging frequencies as well as repairs the DNA damage caused by the sun.

While you can expect to see a dramatic difference in your skin’s clarity after the peeling that takes place on days 3 to 5, you can expect to see yet more improvement in the days that follow. Should you wish, you can repeat the treatment after a month until you achieve your desired results.

The bottom line

If you’re suffering from any type of pigmentation, you might be a good candidate for a Lamelle Mela-Vita Peel. To find out, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a Lamelle skincare professional. Very soon, you could be on the path to a more evenly-toned, radiant-looking skin!

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